Panzer General Homepage
Campaign Version 6.2
Gerold Treitler
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The scenarios:
1. Polen Westerplatte (new map since version 5)
-year 1939 the german invade Polen.
-be fast for sucsess!
-airforce from the beginning
-take all objectives (for major 2 turns before end!)
2. Warschau (new map since version 2, in version 5 greater map)
-with sowjet auxillary
-take all objectives and take it fast!
3. Norway (lightly changed)
-you must go more to the north then in the original game
-submarines waiting
-Paratroopers will help you, so use them carefully and on the right places!
-take all objectives
4. Ardennen 40 (new since version 4)
-did Mansteins plan work?
-can you outflank the allies going throug the ardennes?
-take all objectives as fast as you can
5. Duenkirchen (new Map)
-now Guderians Tanks move on!
-can you catch the englisch armys?
-Division 'Brandenburg' will help!
-if you want to invade england in the year 1940 you must get all objectives within 8 turns!
-take all objectives (for a major victory take all objectives in no more than 8 turns!)
6. Sealion 40 (lightly changed)
-powerfull english navy
-cost guns!
-a trained airforce will be needed!
-take all objectives
7. North Africa (lightly changed)
-go on cairo and go fast!
-take all objectives
-if you start your campaign here, then it will be a hard job
8. Middle East (lightly changed)
-with vichy france auxillary
-take all objectives
-be aware of same surprises
9. Al Alamein (new Map)
-heavy battle near an little railway station
-many englisch artillery
-the english navy is very strong
-take all objectives
10. Kaukasus (lightly changed)
-many ratas and first land lease troops
-a little help from italy
-take all objectives
11. Sealion 43 (lightly changed)
-heavy coast guns
-a very strong english navy is waiting
-an elite air core will help you!
-take all objectives
12. Tunis (new Map)
- 2. Stalingrad in North Africa?
- hold Tunis and at a minimum 2 objectives
- for a major hold Tunis and 5 objectives or retake all objectives
13. Sizilien (new Map)
- Hold the Island
- the italiens will help?!
- hold 2 objectives for a minor victory
- hold 5 objectives for a major victory
14. Anzio without Gustav line (new Map)
- Through the allied into the sea near roma
- has the italiens changed the sides?
- for a minor victory hold rom and 2 objectives
15. D-Day (lightly changed)
-many allied aircrafts
-new heavy forts
-be aware of french partisans!
-the first wave are allied elite troops to destroy the fortifications
-hold 3 objectives for a major victory
-hold 2 objectives for a minor victory
16. Anvil (lightly changed)
-many allied aircrafts
-french troops on each side!
-hold 2 objectives for a minor victory
17. West Wall (new Map)
-hold the last line before the 'REICH'
-take all objectives
18. Cobra (lightly changed)
-dont let the Allied outbreak from normandy!
-many french partisans
-for a minor victory hold 3 objectives
19. Meuse (new Map)
-hold the netherlands
20. Berlin West (lightly changed)
-hold back the stong allied force
-same prototype units will assist you
-for a minor victory hold berlin and 5 objectives
-for a major victory take all objectives
21. Gibraltar (new Map)
-take the stategic point
-many allied ships!
-Division 'Brandenburg' will help!
-italy will help
-take all objectives
22. Malta (new Map)
-capture the island that eats the german supply to north africa
-take all objectives
23. Stalins Attack 1941 (new, replaces Balticum of further versions and Barbarossa of the original PG)
- Stalin has attacked the eastern border of germany
- the few german units were not able to hold
- so the sowjet armys has surrounded K"nigsberg and stands before Warschau and Danzig
- now your core leads the counter offensive!
- drive the red army back and invade russia
- take all objectives!
24. Leningrad (new Map)
- get on Leningrad, the home of the sowjet fleet
- The Finns help from the north!
- many sowjet tanks!
- take all objectives
25. Moskau 41 (new Map)
- the sowjet fight to the dead!
- moskau is a heavy fortress
- some prototypes are under your command
- but the sowjets have also same prototype
- same finns will provide help
- take all objectives
26. Dnjepr 42 (new Map)
- can you break throuh the sowjet defense based on the dnjepr river
- many auxilary troops ( are your allied really helpfull?)
- take all objectives
27. Operation Winterstorm (new Map)
-liberation of 6.Army at Stalingrad
-Can you win the battle of Stalingrad and win the war in the east?
-Take all objectives and be aware, that you hold all objectives before your core reaches the!

28. Rostov 42 (new Map since Version 3)
-Can your core make the first step to Stalingrad?
-take all objectives
29. Charkov (new Map)
-Destroy a large part of the sowjet army and reagain the initiative!
-take all objectives
30. Kursk (lightly changed)
- greatest tank battle in history
- Can YOU change history?
- for a minor victory hold the objectives you currenlty hold
- for a major take all objectives (you must be fast!)
31. Moskau 43 (new Map)
- last change, so go on!
- Finns and Italiens will help
- take all objectives
32. Minsk (new Map)
- sowjet armys launches a heavy attack on army group middle
- be aware: partisan!
- for a minor victory hold minsk
33. Budapest (lightly changed)
- last offensive against sowjet armys
- now the sowjets has more experience!
- take all objectives
34. Berlin East (new Map)
- Can you hold against so many units ?
35. Berlin (lighly changed)
- twilight of the gods (lightly changed 'The last stand')
- very experienced allied armys
- hold berlin for minor victory
36. San Francisco (new Map)
- showdown!
- be aware, there are somewhere experienced tanks in the area
- usa has secret weapons
- the world should be lucky that this never happend! (and we all too!)
- take all objectives
37. early Moskau (lightly changed)
- Guderians plan
- Division 'Brandenburg' help you!
- go on your objectives!
38. Sealion plus Italien Navy (lightly changed)
- the Italiens are a real help!
- i think you sould spend the prestige for italian help!
- take all objectives