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Cowboy Attack Version 1.0
Gerold Treitler
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This campaign is an allied campaign for Panzer General. The player commands an US core from Torch 1942 to Berlin 1945. The campaign uses the maps from the original PG game. You can play now the scenes from the other side with an american core and in same scenes english, french and polish auxilary units.
1. Northafrica 1942
allieds has launched operation 'torch'
Try to take all objectives as fast as you can.
2. South italy and sicilia 1943
take all objectices
the allieds try to invade the soft underbelly of the fortress europe

If you are able to gain a major in scene 2 you will lead the attack on the 'gustav' line.
3. Monte Cassino early 1944
try to break trough the 'gustav line' and take rome
this will through italy out of the war!

In the case of a minor victory in scene 2 (and after Scene 3) you will came to
4. D-Day 1944
Greatest naval landing ever made in history to launch the 2.front
5. Cobra Outbreak 1944
Break out from the landing area and try to retake same important french citys

In the 5 scene a major victory is not possible.
after that try the 'balkan' way in the campaign path
6. Ardennen december 1944 (battle of the bulk)
The german army has launched a great offensive
Try to stop them and try to retake the lost ground

when you are able to gain a major victory in the ardennen scene you can attack germany (the 'Reich')
7. Germany 1945
final battle, try to end this long war!
kill the 'Nazi' power once and for all!
try to gain a major victory!