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Elite Core
Gerold Treitler
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The scenarios:
take the polish port
The wehrmacht has suround the capital city
Take it now
Secure the important port before the allied can launch a major offensive!
Outflank the Maginot line and go over the maas by Sedan
Then drive as fast as you can to the sea!
-Scottland 1940
Your core and same auxillary should make a diversion attack to scottland to cut of the
supply lines from england to scapa flow
When the english fleet attacks you then our main forces will land in south-england! Good Luck! (You will need it)
-Lybia 1941
The english army believes Rommel are only send the North Africa for defense
They will wonder!
Secure the strategic island in the mediterian sea
-El Alamain
Last change to win the war in the dessert
After sucsessfully taken malta the turkey has allowed to use the their sea way for a naval landing in the kaukasus. Our italy friends and your core will lead the attack to secure the oil rich territory
-Sealion 1943
Take the southern part of the island as fast as you can
-Kasserine pass
Last change to win in North africa against the american troops
the allies try to get the soft underbelly of europe
Show them that it is not soft!
Now the allies whant to outflank our line in italy with a naval landing near anzio.Through them back into the see or hold same objectives at a minimum.
-Omaha beach
The allies launches their invasion
Through them back into the see. This will be a hard job!
Now they land also in south france.Hold south france at all costs!
Lead a counterattack against strong american units. If you are sucsessfull, this can change the war
Whe are completly surounded by ememy units
Try to break out and disrupt the allied lines
The allies try to capture the bridged over the Rhein river
-Berlin (west)
Try to keep the western allies out of the 'Reich'
The balkan was always a unstable region secure our southern flank before our campaign against russia
Take the island south of greek
Help our romania friends to retake bessarabia and the important sea port of oddessa. Be aware the russia army has made a defense line called 'Stalin line' on their old border before they took bessarabia.
Thake the capital city of the ukraine romania units will help!
Win the war in the east!
Regain the initiative after the soviet winter offensive
Take the important city fast because we expect russia reenforcment!
Again try to win the war in the east
Be better now!
The red army tryes to take charkov
Make a counterattack and crush their offensive
-Northern part of Kurks salient
Go south and try to free your way to kursk
Last change to win the war in the east. Use it!
Now the initiative is by the red army. They try to trap a hole tank army near korsun!
Hold as many objectives as you can
Budapest the capital city of hungary is under siege. Try to help our friend!
-Berlin (east)
Heavy battle against the red army for the capital city of germany
-Berlin (from all sides)
The last stand. Fight to the dead!
-final victory?
take the capital city of the USA
-early moskau
drive toward moskau as fast as you can!
-Scottland plus
the italy navy will help you now!