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Fortress Europe Campaign
Gerold Treitler
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This is a german mini campaign (7 scenes) based on the West 1943 campaign path of the original PG. The player commands a Tank Divison (Panzer Division) and must defend the 'Fortress Europe' against the western allies.The scenes are all from Allied General converted to be played in campaign mode from german side. The player has only 8 core units, but he must take care also on his auxilary units. I think it is a hard campaign, so only experienced player should try it.
The scenarios:
1. Husky
- start of the campaign
- hold at a minimum 2 objectives against the powerfull allied landings on silicia
- if you are able to gain a major victory (taking all objectives) please report this to me, because I think it is impossible (with hidden units off, weather on, supply on!)
2. Anzio
- for minor victory hold Ardea and 2 objectives
- for a major victory try to retake Anzio (good luck!)
3. Overlord
- the allied landing in the normandy
- at a minimum hold Saint Lo and Caen
- there is no major victory possible
4. Cobra
- the allied outbreak from there landing area in the normandy
- try to hold: Rouen, Orleans, Nantes and Tours
- at a minimum hold 3 of those 4 objectives
5. Meuse
- allieds try to free the netherlands
- hold Nijmegan and Arnhem
- at a minimum hold Arnhem
6. Ardennen
- last german offensive in the west
- at a minimum hold all objectives you currently hold
- try to retake Liege if you can (good luck!)
- if you can make a major victory here please report it!
7. Ruhrarea
- industrial heart of germany
- at a minimum try to hold Duesseldort + 5 objectives
- if you can retake all objectives and we will gain accaptable peace conditions