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French Campaign Version 0.1
Philippe Champarou
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The Scenario Page in the game (can be seen at any time) helps the player to build his path in the campaign. Instead of scenario descriptions he find what core country the scenario involves,and what are the consequences of a Major or minor victory (or Loss). So, in a battle he can read the campaign details only by putting the mouse pointer on the name of the battle in progress and return to the campaign without starting a scenario.
From other point of vew, many units are new and/or have new icons.
The actual version of FG is recommended to good players of PG for the 1939-1941 period ,the challenge is more easy after 1942. This work was only possible because of the SSI-wonderful game-Panzer General and all the developers that i thank in the 4th page of my new intro : hope i don't forget anyone!
Many bugs can exist because the 6 months work i did is too short for doing a perfect job. Email me for problems or comments.