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Finnish Mini-Campaign Version 2.1
Gerold Treitler
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While Hitler captured Polen Stalin thinks he can do the same with Finnland. The peace strenght of the finn army was only 30000 men and the red army hasmuch more power and so on the end of november 1939 Stalin orders to invade Finnland. But the brave people af Finnland showed now respect for the sowjet tanks and used the great forrests to kill many of them with the great motti tacitcs. Only a few soldiers cuts the supply lines of the red army. Some of these battles are today a standart lesson on many famaous military academys. The people of finnland showed the world how a little land can not win the war but they were able to get acapteble peace conditons. The loss of the finns where over 22000 men but the red army lost over 240000 men!
1. Motti
The first scenario is the motti tactic. Try to slow down the red army so the mannerheim line can build.
2. Barbarossa in the north
try to retake the lost ground of the winter war 1939/40
3. Attack on Leningrad
When you are able to get a major in scene 2 the finn army can now launch an attack to the vital city of Leningrad.The german army group north will help you. Try to maintain a contact to the army group north for a land supply line between germany and finnland. If you can gain a major victory here you has won the campaign!