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PG Campaign Version 3.1
Bill Haering
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This is the Floppy Disk version of my PG campaign that covers all 5 campaigns (1939, 41 West, 41 East, 43 West, and 43 East). When execution is completed, the original SSI version of Panzer General can be executed exactly as before. Execution is controlled by a batch file. When executing the batch file, you are given the option of using the equipment file I created which corrects some well know (and a few other) shortcomings in the original SSI version (most notably the cost of 3 tanks and two anti-tank units). The use of this modified equipment significantly improves play balance in scenarios which use the units that have been changed.
The basic changes in the new campaign is a much smaller core and much less prestige. You start with a max core of 7 in Poland and this increases by about 1 each scenario (ending with 20 in Washington, or 22 in Berlin). This will force you to rely on the auxiliary units more, therefore giving better historical unit composition. I haven't play tested every scenario in the campaign but from the testing I have done, I'm very happy with the core unit changes. The prestige situation is a little more unclear. Understand, that in general, I believe in giving as little prestige as possible. I don't want to make it too easy to have all the best equipment all at 15 strength. After three or four scenarios I think that the axis has too much prestige (the 500 pts for a major and all the prestige from capturing cities adds up to a lot), but as the war wears on, this trend begins to straighten itself out. I don't recommend spending all your prestige early in the war as you will probably need to dip into reserves late in the war. Initially I had eliminated as much prestige as possible, but, in my latest pass I've added some starting prestige back into the later defensive scenarios. I recommend playing at the hard setting. While I have made extensive changes since the first release of this for the floppy disk version I ad still open to the idea of further changes, so your feedback is encouraged.
Below you will find a description of the 5 campaigns, when played at the hard setting (+2 prestige, +1 experience), with weather, supplies, and hidden units.
While my 39 campaign is a significant improvement over the original SSI version, it still is not too difficult to knock out the British, Russians, and Americans at the hard setting (Washington is actually reasonably challenging).
1941 - East
The first scenario (Barbarosa) is very challenging as are the Moscow scenarios. An overall victory (over the Americans) is quite possible, but a decent challenge.
1941 - West
A very difficult campaign. An overall victory (over the Americans) is possible, but very challenging. The Moscow scenarios are very difficult.
1943 - West
With my modified equipment file, Husky becomes difficult (you can no longer block the Straights of Messina with Sem L-47's because the Allies will now attack them). If you manage to get through Husky, Anzio and D-Day without serious core losses (and you major in D-Day) this campaign will become pretty easy (forcing the allies to sue for peace and not fight any of the Berlin scenarios), but the first three scenarios can be pretty challenging.
1943 - East
It is possible to defeat the Russians in Moscow 43, but it is a good challenge. If you don't lose core units (or at least any critical ones) you should be able to force the allies to terms and avoid fighting any of the Berlin scenarios.