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Red Storm Rising Version 2.0
Gerold Treitler
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This campaign is an allied campaign for Panzer General. In version 2 there are some city names included and the grafic is upgraded (stars for the player and more). The player commands a sowjet core from Polen 1939 to Berlin 1945. This campaign is more funny and not so heavy than the sowjet campaign in the Panzer General follower 'Allied General'. The player has always a lot of prestige, but be aware. Your units must gain experience for the later scenes. To keep the airforce alive is very hard!
1. Polen 1939
Try to take all objectives in eastern Polen
2. Finnland
Try to break through the 'Mannerheim Line'
If you are able to gain a major in scene 2 you will lead the first russia counter offensive in the war against the germans:
3. Moskau 41
Take all objectives and through the germans back from Moskau
In the case of a minor victory in scene 2 (and after Scene 3) you will came to
4. Charkow 42
Try to retake that important city
5. Stalingrad
Break trough the lines of the rumania and italy armys and destroy the german 6. army in Stalingrad.
In this scene only a minor victory is possible (i do not know the reason of that, sorry).
After that scene choose the 'balkan' way
6. Kursk
The germans try to capture the important city of Kursk. But we know this long and
are ready for a counteroffensive.
You must take only one objective to crush the german attack!
7. Dnjepr
Retake the important Ukraine
8. Bylowrussia
You must destroy the german army group middle (Heersgruppe Mitte) to make your way to Berlin.
When you are able to gain a major victory do NOT choose Early Moskau!
9. Berlin
Take the capital city of germany and end the war with a great victory comrad general!