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Rommel's Way Campaign Version 1.0
Gerold Treitler
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This is an mini campaign for Panzer General Dos version with 8 scenes. The player commands a mixed core of german AND italien units. He can replay same famous battles of the Desert Fox.
The scenarios:
1. El Agheila
-Rommel arives in North Africa and launches an attack on the surprised english army.
-be fast for sucsess!
-take all objectives (for major 2 turns before end!)
2. Crusader
-English army try to regain the initiative by launching an offensive
-take all objectives and take it fast!
If you are able to gain a major victory in scene 2 you will come to scene 3, in case of a minor victory, you come to scene 4
3. Cairo
-Rommel tryes to capture Cairo
-It is often better to retreat and save the army as to go forward and loos the army
-take all objectives
4. Gazala
-after the heavy english counterattack, Rommel tryes to regain the initiative.
-take all objectives
5. El Alamain
-The new english commander Montgomery launches an heavy attack on the german lines
In scene 5 a major victory is not possible. After this scene try the 'Balcan Way' of the campaign.This will bring you to scene 21
21. Kasserine
-The US army try to break through the lines of the african core.
-take all objectives.
22. Mareth Line
-last line before Tunis
-English and US army try to break through
-take all objectives
23. Tunis
-last stand in North Africa
-The 'Fuehrer' has ordered to fight until the last shell!
-take all objectives!