Panzer General Homepage
Description (Instructions)
Campaign Tracker by Chris
406 KB
Campaign Editor to create whole Campaigns (English)
Download Campaign Tracker
Editor-Pack Version 1.0 by Larry Widing
391 KB
Contains briefing-editor, equipment-editor, szenario-editor and mapnames-editor for Panzer General (English)
Download Editor-Pack Version 1.0
Map-Editor Version 0.2 by Charles Tyson
152 KB
Map Editor to create own szenarios (English)
Download Map-Editor Version 0.2
NUPL-Editor Beta Version by Fred Chlanda
166 KB
An Editor to assign new units to countries (English)
Download NUPL-Editor Beta Version
Set-Editor Version 1.2 by David Smid
197 KB
Map Editor to create own szenarios (English)
Download Set-Editor Version 1.2
Shp-File Editor Version 0.48 by Fred Chlanda
257 KB
Picture-editor for Panzer General units (English)
Download Shp-File Editor Version 0.48